Each WSRP research associate designs and teaches a one-semester course related to the associate's research project. An annual session during fall orientation provides students with the opportunity to learn about each course from the visiting scholars themselves.

The 2018-19 courses are:

Wylin D. Wilson
HDS 2035: An Integrative Approach to Bioethics, Gender and Theology
Fall 2018

Barbara Zimbalist
HDS 2044: Women and Mysticism from Medieval Europe to Modern America
Fall 2018

Damaris S. Parsitau
HDS 3080: Religion, Gender and Sexuality in Africa
Fall 2018

S. Zahra Moballegh
HDS 3041: Discovering Femininity in the Gendered Language of the Qur’an
Spring 2019

Anna Sun
HDS 2037: Women and Lived Religion in Contemporary Life
Spring 2019