Nurhaizatul Jamil

Nurhaizatul Jamil

Visiting Assistant Professor of Women's Studies and Islam
WSRP Research Associate 2021–22
Nurhaizatul Jamil

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Pratt Institute

Research project

The 7 Habits of Effective Muslims: Islamic Self-Help and Gendered Disciplining in Contemporary Singapore

Through ethnographic analysis, the project examines the ways that Islamic educational classes inspired young, upwardly-mobile, fashionable, and digitally-savvy women to foreground faith in their daily lives by re-casting it through the frame of self-help. Taught by Singaporean graduates of Cairo’s Al-Azhar University, these classes draw from the Qur'an and Hadith, as well as self-help rhetoric and pop culture. Yet, Muslim women’s self-transformation disenfranchises working-class Malays—prompting an analysis of the recalibration of hope as a strategy that simultaneously divests from, and extends, the state’s production of legibility.


Nurhaizatul Jamil is Assistant Professor in Global South Studies, co-director of the Global South Center, and the co-coordinator of the Social Media Lab at Pratt Institute. She teaches courses on gender and sexuality within Muslim communities, Middle Eastern communities and cultures, decolonizing methodologies, and fashion and sustainability studies.

Her current research foregrounds minoritized Muslims’ engagements with social media and popular culture, and their imbrications with transnational circuits of Islamic education and consumption.


HDS 3067
Muslim Tiktok, #BLACKOUTEID, IG Activism: Muslim Women Navigating Social Media
Spring 2022

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