Meryl “Mimi” Winick

Meryl “Mimi” Winick

Visiting Lecturer on Women’s Studies and Religion and Society
WSRP Research Associate 2020–21
Mimi Winick

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Virginia Commonwealth University

Research project

Ecstatic Inquiry: Women’s Writing on Religion in Britain, 1890–1930

This project recounts how the first generation of British women academics fashioned humanistic research into a spiritual practice. Rather than offering dispassionate histories of religion, these scholars presented their intellectual labor as extending—and revealing—a secret tradition of women’s intellectual and spiritual seeking.


Meryl “Mimi” Winick is an Instructor in the Department of English at Virginia Commonwealth University. She received her PhD in English Literature from Rutgers University.


HDS 2053: Modern Women’s Writing and Religion (Spring 2021)

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