J. Michelle Molina

J. Michelle Molina

WSRP Research Associate 2007–08

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Northwestern University

Research project

The Jesuit Ethic: The Spirit and Gender of Global Expansion

This research utilizes a revised notion of spiritual 'agency' in an effort to unearth evidence of the contribution of women's devotional labor in the history of early modern global expansion. Focusing on the Jesuit 'Spiritual Exercises', it explores how women's meditation and prayer had profound global consequences for Jesuit social and economic institutions, and also shaped what have been considered 'Jesuit' devotional practices.

WSRP lecture

A Heart-Shaped World: Jesuit Consolation Culture in a Globalizing World (1500-1800)


HDS 2842: Gender and Embodiment in the Expansion of Christianity (Fall 2007)

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