Georgette Ledgister

Georgette Ledgister

Visiting Lecturer on Women’s Studies and African Religions
WSRP Research Associate 2020–21
Georgette Ledgister

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Agnes Scott College

Research project

Gods, Guns, and Girls: Gender, Agency, and Spirituality in a Congolese Rebel Movement

While most accounts of war treat women solely as victims of violence, this study focuses on a woman who rose to the highest ranks of the Mai-Mai Rebel movement in the Democratic Republic of Congo through a gender-defying engagement with ancestral power. The project positions African Religions in general, and Luba mystical warfare in particular, as resources for the safety and flourishing of women, providing an intellectual space to perceive practices of hope, gender freedom, and agency.


Georgette Ledgister, a native of Democratic Republic of Congo, is a Visiting Instructor at Agnes Scott College. She received her PhD from Emory University.


HDS 3084: Religion, Gender, and Ethics in Africa

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