Damaris S. Parsitau

Damaris S. Parsitau

Visiting Associate Professor of Women’s Studies and African Religions
Damaris Parsitau, 2018-19 WSRP Research Associate

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Egerton University (Kenya)

Research project

The Kingdom of Holy Women: Pentecostalism, Sex and Women’s Bodies in an African Church


Damaris Parsitau is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Philosophy, History and Religious Studies at Egerton University in Kenya, where she teaches Religion and Development, Women Studies and Religion and Gender courses. She also serves as the Director of the Institute of Women, Gender and Development Studies. Dr. Parsitau has over twenty years’ experience in teaching, research, leadership training, advocacy, affirmative action, and mentorship. She is the founder and convener of the Kenya Women Rising, and the Youth and Transformational Leadership Development Programs, both leadership and mentorship incubation programs that invest in women and youth. A thought leader in girls’ education in Kenya, she is also the founder of Let Maasai Girls Learn, an initiative that seeks to rally global, regional, and local action for girls’ education throughout Maasailand in Kenya.

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