Changshen Shih (Ching-ning Wang)

Changshen Shih (Ching-ning Wang)

Visiting Lecturer on Women's Studies and Chinese Religion 2016–17
WSRP Research Associate 2016–17
Ching-ning Wang (Chang Shen Shih), 2016–17 WSRP Research Associate

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Dharma Drum Institute

Research project

The Making of a Modern Female Chan Teacher: Gender, Religion, and Modernity

This project explores an understudied phenomenon of women’s religious practice in contemporary Buddhism: the making of modern female Chan teachers. It focuses on the lives of women who practice Chan in an organizationally modernized monastery, and their institutional training as well as outreach experience.


HDS 3008: Women and Contemporary Buddhism


Changshen Shi (Ching-ning Wang) is an adjunct Assistant Professor of Liberal Arts and a Bhikshuni at the Dharma Drum Institute in Taiwan. She teaches Women and Contemporary Buddhism, Theory and Practice of Buddhist Meditation, and Chan/Zen. Dr. She received her PhD in sociology with a women’s studies certificate from the Graduate Center at City University of New York in 2004. Her research interests include gender/sexuality studies, women and buddhism, culture studies of science and technology, globalization, postcolonialism, and Chan meditation.

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