WSRP Announces 2019–20 Research Associates

March 28, 2019
Women's Studies in Religion Program

Five new Research Associates will join the Women’s Studies in Religion Program at HDS to work on book-length projects during the 2019–20 academic year. By bringing together scholars from different disciplines and research areas, commonalities in religion and gender emerge. While working on their projects, the WSRP Research Associates teach a one-semester course and deliver a lecture on their research.

2019–20 Research Associates

Alicia Izharuddin, 2019-20 WSRP Research AssociateAlicia Izharuddin

Visiting Senior Lecturer on Women’s Studies and Islam

Alicia Izharuddin is a senior lecturer in gender studies at University of Malaya. Her project, “Misery Loves Company?” asks questions about the radical potential of negative emotions and failure for feminist politics.

Monica Mercado, 2019-20 WSRP Research AssociateMonica L. Mercado

Visiting Assistant Professor of Women's Studies and North American Religions

Monica Mercado is an assistant professor of history at Colgate University. Her project, “The Young Catholic: Girlhood and the Making of American Catholicism, 1836-1911” uses print, visual, and material culture sources to focus on the role of young women as makers of class and status.

Monique Moultrie, 2019-20 WSRP Research AssociateMonique Moultrie

Visiting Associate Professor of Women’s Studies and African American Religions

Monique Moultrie is an associate professor of religious studies at Georgia State University. Her project, “Hidden Histories: Faith as a Site of Black Lesbian Activism” utilizes oral histories of black lesbian religious leaders to examine the spiritual practices animating social justice activism.

Jyoti Puri, 2019-20 WSRP Research AssociateJyoti Puri

Visiting Professor of Women’s Studies and South Asian Religions
Colorado Scholar

Jyoti Puri is a professor of sociology at Simmons University. Her project, “Migrant Rites: Death, Gender and Religion in the South Asian Diaspora” considers the significance of religion and gender as the bedrock upon which migrants navigate life, death, and the struggle to belong.

Kerry Sonia, 2019-20 WSRP Research AssociateKerry M. Sonia

Visiting Assistant Professor of Women's Studies and Hebrew Bible

Kerry Sonia is a visiting assistant professor of religion at Washington and Lee University. Her project, “Like a Woman in Labor: The Ritual and Social Dimensions of Childbirth in the Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israel” uses textual and archaeological evidence to reconstruct the rituals of ancient childbirth and their relationship to the religious lives of Israelite women.

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