Video: Female Piety in Contemporary Catholic Renewal and the Concept of Agency

October 16, 2013
Sarah Bracke
Sarah Bracke

Visiting Assistant Professor of Women's Studies and Sociology of Religion and WSRP Research Associate Sarah Bracke recently discussed her study of a Catholic Renewal women's group in Milan, Italy in 2000.

Bracke, who is also an associate professor of the sociology of religion at Ghent University, spoke about feminist interpretations of saints and mystics and what different life paths are available to the women she studied. Watch the full video or selected clips below.

Full video

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Bracke gives some background regarding her study of a women's Catholic Renewal group in Milan in the spring of 2000.

Part 3: Bracke talks about female mystics and the significance of saints for women in the Catholic religion.

Part 4: Bracke continues her discussion of female mystics and feminist perspectives on the saints.